Good Beer Hunting

no. 442


I’ve been traveling through Europe for a month, and I’m starting to feel adrift. Bologna is my fourth city in three weeks. The grind of navigating airports, constant small loads of laundry, and remembering which language to say “please” and “thank you” in is starting to wear me thin.

But I happen upon Alto Tasso at the perfect time. Party in the front, futbol in the back, it’s the neighborhood bar I needed to anchor me, one that provides the restorative energy essential for the rest of my trip. The music spans genres effortlessly, from post-jazz by Japanese quartet Mouse on the Keys to epic, Italian opera. The bar has a limited-but-well-curated collection of biodynamic wines, German Lagers, and homemade food all for a reasonable amount of Euros.  Bologna isn’t my last stop on the trip, but Alto Tasso is the last stop of the night.