Good Beer Hunting

no. 382


“Please don’t post anything on social media today. We want to keep it quiet until they are ready,” Transmitter Brewing co-owner Anthony Accardi tells me as I walk into his brewery. He’s a little protective today, as they’re preparing for their first-ever canning.

The place is loud, cramped, and very intimate as their S4 Saison rolls off the canning line. As fate would have it, the automated process of turning those silver metallic cylinders into works of art did not go as planned—each one must be hand-labeled.

I’ve been following this brewery since it first opened in 2014, and it’s been exciting to see the progress of these two homebrewers-turned-pro-brewers in the years since. They’ve made a name for themselves and their Belgian-inspired farmhouse ales, and these cans filled with stone fruit notes, peppery accents, and a dry finish are another winning entry in their lineup. Expect to see them popping up all over social media in February.