Good Beer Hunting

no. 383


I’m not a cat person. First of all, I’m allergic. Second of all, I think most cats are plotting their owner’s demise. Third of all, I find them inferior to dogs. Sorry/not sorry.

That being said, I’d like you to meet Beyoncé. She's American Solera’s brewery cat, and probably the only feline I’d ever consider taking into my home.

When I first met Queen B, she’d just escaped her confines in the brewery office, making a beeline for where I sat in the taproom. She hopped on my lap, moseyed across my keyboard, and strolled right into my heart. Chase Healey, American Solera founder and brewmaster (and presumed owner of Beyoncé), quickly grabbed her and delivered “B” back to her confines. 

She was not easily deterred.

Meowing and pawing at the keg used to keep her from opening the office door, she nearly escaped a few more times that day. And if I wouldn’t have felt so guilty, I might’ve aided and abetted her.