Good Beer Hunting

no. 324


It’s simply not often enough that the GBH crew gathers together in a single, physical location. The Shelton Brothers Festival was one such recent occasion, made even more special by the fact that Atlanta—hometown of our very own Editorial Director, Austin L. Ray—was this year's festival destination.

And what did Austin do when some of his best pals and colleagues descended upon his hood? Well, he spent a lot of time on his phone editing his tweets.

Just kidding.

He snapped into full-on HostMode™, arranging a formidable dining agenda, herding cats, and ferrying a large group of ne'er-do-wells from one ATL hotspot to the next, making sure to point out and wax proudly about significant cultural landmarks along the way.

Come to think of it, in the photo that was taken above at The Porter Beer Bar as we sipped on Jester King, he was probably figuring our our next destination, or double-checking an OutKast factoid, or perhaps even planning the fall crops for his garden. [Editor's note: I think I was actually editing one of my tweets.

We should really do this more often.