Good Beer Hunting

no. 323


More and more, it's a common scene at brewery taprooms: entire families visiting and spending time together around craft beer. That includes this family and this little girl with her Superman action figure at Bissell Brothers last weekend.

As parents come to value the importance of local, small businesses, these values translate to the next generation. The days of watching TV with dad as he drinks a few macro cans in a La-Z-Boy are over. We've got an entire generation of kids who are growing up in an environment where craft beer is the norm. Instead of Miller High Life in the fridge, it's cans of Trillium, Tree House, or Other Half. Saturdays are spent at breweries. And breweries are an increasingly important part of many families' lives—both a viable way to make a living and a natural place to relax. 

There may always be a greater ongoing debate about "craft" vs. macro, or beer vs. wine and spirits, but for these kids, craft beer has won. And for those of us who work in craft, these kids, this next generation, are the real superheroes.