Good Beer Hunting

no. 338

3 beers bucket.jpg

While visiting Atlanta for work, I was drawn to the Little Five Points neighborhood. I understood there was a great beer bar there, one that was the center of Shelton Brother’s re-launch in Georgia, not to mention a gathering place for GBH crew who visited the city for The Festival.

Sitting inside The Porter Beer Bar, I found myself with countless choices, so I dove into the cellar list. Combing the pages for something special, I noticed a 3 Fonteinen Gueze and decided to treat myself. (Self care is important, y'all!)

I was presented with the beer and a bucket of ice to cool it. Staff rotated it once every couple passes behind the bar. Eventually it was time, the cork was pulled and presented, the beer was placed in a basket, and my glass was placed in front of me. Simultaneously, halfway around the world, Creature Comforts brewer and GBH contributor Blake Tyers was drinking 3 Fonteinen with Armand Debelder himself. What a time to be alive.