Good Beer Hunting

no. 337

Sunset IPA Cruise.jpg

Beer events are rampant these days. A tap takeover here, a chocolate pairing there—these things are fun, sure, but are they impactful? Do they actually resonate with a consumer?

Credit the folks at Maine Beer Company and The Thirsty Pig for coming up with something a little more experiential. For the fourth year running, they hosted their annual Sunset IPA Cruise. The boat departs from the Maine State Pier into the Fore River, and then, quite literally, out to sea. With a bottle of Lunch in hand, a Cubano sandwich in the other, and the sun setting on Dan Kleban and a crew from MBC alongside 20 or so drinkers, it’s about as authentic of a Maine experience as you can get. 

It's all laughs and good times until someone takes a swinging boom to the head and gets thrown into the water. Best to stay seated, enjoy the scenery, and reach for Another One.