Good Beer Hunting

no. 298

Some of my favorite early memories happened in bars.

Every Saturday when I was young, my dad and I would head into town to a tiny corner bar named Blaine and Dorothy’s to meet some of his friends and their kids for breakfast. Every Friday night, my parents joined their friends for a drink after a long work week. The location would rotate, but Roy Rogers drinks and video games for the kids were a constant.

This past Saturday, at Dovetail and Begyle’s annual Mayfestiversary, children ran free in the two breweries' shared parking lot. They joyfully engaged in epic balloon lightsaber battles with new friends. And parents—surrounded by strollers—watched from a distance.

These Chicago beer makers created something unique this weekend—a shared space for parents and children alike to play. It makes sense, though. Oftentimes, running a brewery is a family affair. Their celebrations should be as well.