Good Beer Hunting

no. 297

This is Topher Boehm’s Table Beer. He hasn’t sold any of the delicate 2.9% ABV bottles yet, but he plans to handwrite all the labels. If people want to pass it off as homebrew, that’s fine—it’s designed to be enjoyed amongst conversation with friends and family.

His new project, Wildflower Brewing & Blending, focuses on three beers using wild yeast: Gold, Amber, and Table. Boehm is passionate about blending, and the single barrels I've tasted would make an amazing beer on their own. It's crazy to think about what they'll do as a blend.

Located in the Sydney suburb of Marrickville, Wildflower's not yet open to the public. Boehm's excited by the thought of sharing beer poured from traditional Lambic baskets with future customers. But on this night, there was only me, Boehm, and another writer. The room was empty, but our glasses were full. The Table Beer was already doing its job.