Good Beer Hunting

no. 273

Spring in Chicago is signified by more than just the equinox. It's in the itch to text friends to see where they're at once the clock hits 5pm. It's in the impromptu trip from the Northside to New Line Tavern to meet up those still lingering downtown. It's in the change of seasonal beers from a local brewery.

Half Acre makes some of the best IPAs in Chicago [Editor’s note: In the country, even!] no matter what season, but the availability of their hoppy stuff brings about the promise of sun and fun. This week, they'll release their summer IPA, Vallejo, which means this can of their winter IPA, Gone Away, is on its final breaths of the season.

Both are worthy of your glass, but I'll always be happy to see Vallejo hit menus. That means it's time to drink to warm weather and summer in the city.