Good Beer Hunting

no. 272


A couple years ago this guy applied to an open design position at GBH. I didn't know it at the time, but he was an OG fan of the site going back to its Tumblr days. And when that spot opened up, it happened to coincide with a career change he was looking to make. He played the interview entirely straight, his work speaking for itself, never once letting his fandom show through. It worked.

A couple years and countless brand projects later, we're together in Taiwan, working on one of the most interesting gigs we've ever taken on. It's a family company looking to grow the country's craft market share, which currently sits at 1%.

Here, Mike's helping disambiguate the trendy from the timeless in Taiwanese aesthetics over a couple pints of APA at Zhang Men, one of the few start-ups in the city of Taipei. Mike's leadership is helping GBH contribute to a better future for the craft, both home and away. 

So cheers to Mike D (@mikeduez), who's notoriously camera shy. I'm lucky enough to get to work with him every day—and I finally got a good shot.