Good Beer Hunting

no. 365


Iceland is a land of contrast—volcanoes and glaciers, arid highlands and lush river valleys, white mountaintops and black sand beaches.

Icelanders, themselves, are no different.

During the week, locals don't go out much. The bars we visited in Reykjavik were modestly busy, serving largely tourists. Most shut down before their posted business hours. Ölstofan, a modern-ish dive near our Airbnb, was the only spot we found that stayed open later. We ended up closing the place down every night before heading home.

That is, until the weekend, when Icelanders go absolutely H.A.M.

Where we had strolled up to empty barstools during the week, we could barely make it in the door on Friday. And where last call had gone out a little after 1am, it was nowhere to be found even as the clock pushed 5am.

Best we tried, we couldn't hang with the natives. They were too much. So wild. Iceland, itself, is no different.