Good Beer Hunting

no. 364


The best drink of each night was water. No offense to all the amazing beers I tried on a recent visit to Wellington, New Zealand. But after arriving late in the evenings, creeping in quietly so as to not wake my hosts, I found a well-made bed—complete with teddy bear—and a tall glass of water. After long days of exploring, it was quite the inviting duo.

My hosts were Stef and Johnny. If you work in beer in Wellington, chances are you know them for their beer tastings and events series, Craft Beer College. We've been friends for a few years, and they always offer up their spare room when I’m in town.

Outside of a passing hello during my two-night stay, our main interaction was through this revitalizing glass. Empty when I left in the morning, full when I came back in the evening. I couldn’t have appreciated it more.