Good Beer Hunting

no. 345


Stammtisch is a German word that translates to "regulars' table." Its meaning is tied to an informal group meeting that's held on a regular basis, often in a watering hole. Many pubs offer a backroom, set apart from the general seating area, in order to fulfill the function of a Stammtisch. You might be thinking of one you know and love right now.

It's a way of connecting like-minded individuals who share common interest to engage in political and social conversation. At Notch Brewing Company in Salem, MA, these conversations are facilitated by beers that are meant for drinking—not beers designed for big ABVs, trends, or "extreme" anything. Sipping a hearty one-liter Mass of Zwicklebier on a lazy afternoon in this cozy backroom is heavenly. I wish this was my regulars' table.