Good Beer Hunting

no. 346

Holy Mountain Wetwired.jpg

When we arrive at Holy Mountain Brewery, we have no idea it's a can release day. Imagine my delight, then, when there are only five people standing in line ahead of me. Moments later, a pair of four packs slide across the bar.

“Oh, I only want one,” I say. “I’m here by accident.”

After giving me a puzzled look, he takes one back and I head toward the taproom. In the cans is Wetwired, a fresh hop beer brewed in collaboration with the nearby Cloudburst Brewery, featuring bine-fresh Mosaic. It’s hazy and sticky and dank as all hell, redolent with tingling notes of mango, a New-England alike in PNW clothing. 

I sit down and the fella next to me strikes up a conversation.

“Why did you only buy four?” he asks.

I explain my situation, how I don't feel like shoving them in my luggage for my forthcoming flight to Colorado. 

“Dude, you could flip a four pack for, like, 50 bucks in Denver next week.”

“But then I wouldn’t get to drink them all?”