Good Beer Hunting

b-Roll no. 155

Over the gateway to one of Tomme Arthur’s barrel rooms is a sign that reads: “In Illa Brettanomyces, Nos Fides.” It means, “In Brettanomyces, we trust.”

While visiting The Lost Abbey yesterday, he told me how he found the phrase: he simply plugged it into Google Translate. In fact, he still isn’t even sure if it’s right. But over the years, no one has ever challenged him on it. Despite scholars having come through, no one ever's said a word. Arthur says it’s the most photographed thing in the building. 

These are the kind of things that inspire me. These little stupid things that I learn from. Someone like Arthur, who I have a world of respect for, doesn’t really give a shit if it’s right. The point is there. And people like me are overthinking it. 

It's a great reminder to just do shit and keep moving.

— John Barley, Co-Founder of Solemn Oath Brewery, Naperville, Illinois