Good Beer Hunting

b-Roll no. 140


"You wanna see my room?" 

Since we were kids, we've been excited to show our friends the spaces that we feel define us. Whether it's your childhood bedroom, a treehouse, dorm room, first apartment — it all satisfies some deep sense of wanting to be understood though the posters on the wall, or the video games and books on the shelf, or the way in which you organized your baseball cards (I chose teams). 

These days I hear that same nervous excitement in a brewer's voice. I've seen hundreds of brewhouses, and they're all mostly the same, really. It's not my first inclination to go exploring the same steel in a different configuration every day. But when I hear that quick, bouncing tone in the question "you what to see the new brewhouse?" I can hardly resist. 

Congrats to the Solemn Oath crew on getting their expansion online. And kudos to Metal Craft in Portland for a stunning star-bottom mash tun. It's a beauty. And to all the Old Order members who came out yesterday to get their allotment and shoot the shit. 

I guess I still organize things by team. 


— Michael Kiser