Good Beer Hunting

b-Roll no. 139

Visiting my sister’s family in St. Louis is a special treat because it gives me an excuse to explore one of the best beer cities in the country. 4 Hands is one of my regular stops, but my most recent visit came with a pleasant surprise—a huge expansion to their taproom that now sits, in all its 3,400-square-feet of glory, right above their brewery and existing taproom.

The brewery didn’t make a big announcement about the new space, but it’s a well-deserved upgrade for 4 Hands. (Trust me, I’ve been in the old space when it’s packed wall-to-wall with rowdy Cardinals fans, and this is a welcome reprieve.) And it would seem that the branding for City Wide APA, the most recent addition to the brewery's regular lineup, has influenced the design and color palette of the entire space. As a bonus, the open construction allows for a glimpse into the brewery’s barrel room right in the center of the bar.

Overall, the new space is beautiful—clean and rustic, with contrasting elements like bright-white subway tiles and refurbished wood paneling. There’s floor-to-ceiling windows, exposed piping, and colorful vintage arcade games. Skee ball pairs nicely with 4 Hands, as it turns out.

Matthew Sampson