Good Beer Hunting

no. 218

I spent a day down at Central State Brewing, our partners in Indianapolis, half-landing jokes with a bunch of Germans trying to make a three-way collaboration Gose. It was a long, sleepy, hungover kind of day with periodic bursts of energy when the brewhouse signaled it needed attention. 

I was aware that this brew day was special for Central State's Josh Haimbright. Ritterguts has had a permanent handle at his bar, The Koelschip, since it opened. And being able to make a Gose with its founder, Tilo Jänichen, and Freigeist owner Sebastian Sauer, was a bit of a coup, really.

The whole group seemed amused at the idea of including corn in the grain bill. "It's American, eh?" Sebastian said with a smirk on more than one occasion, as though he wasn't sure if we got the joke.

For lunch, we made him eat chorizo tacos and shotgun a can of Garden.