Good Beer Hunting

no. 204

"If you guys weren't working on this brand, I would have just named everything after my dog."

I just spent a couple of days in Raleigh, NC working, drinking, and eating with the team from Brewery Bhavana, a start-up we've been partnering with since the early spring. Things are coming together quickly now—the taproom, dim sum restaurant, and flower shop are all under construction. The brewhouse and barrel aging facility are ready to go. And we're putting the finishing touches on all the packaging and brand materials. 

But that mug there is Otis. And while we drank test batches of Patrick's farmhouse ales and sours in the backyard the last two days, he kept us company. On more than one occasion, he asserted his enormous head into my lap looking for an ear rub and some scraps.

—Michael Kiser