Good Beer Hunting

b-Roll no. 114

Last week was the culmination of a major project — Yodo con Leche — a coffee beer that 5 Rabbit and Gaslight Coffee Roasters traveled to Costa Rica for, in order to source the coffee for both the beer, and the cafe. We went with them every step of the way. And after some serious brainstorming on how to bring it all together and share the journey with others, we put together one helluva tasting experience. At the GBH studio, our guests got to taste and smell the beans, fresh coffee grounds, hot and cold brews, the base beer, Yodo itself, and a bourbon barrel-aged version that was entered in to FoBAB this year. And then, as if we needed a bonus round, we shared a cascara-steeped berlinerweisse made with the fermented fruit of the coffee bean. A once-in-a-lifetime experience and I couldn't have been happier to finally see Tristan and Andres tell the story.