Good Beer Hunting

Uppers & Downers x SCAA
Last year, Good Beer Hunting brought the Uppers & Downers festival of coffee beers to the Expo show floor for over 12,000 attendees, featuring a wide variety of collaborations between brewers, cider makers, and roasters. For the 2017 Seattle show we're opening the event to submissions!

Using the form below, please tell us about your proposed collaborator and product, and we'll work to curate a compelling mix for the three-day festival. 


- unique collaborations between roasters and brewers
- the ability to supply at least one 1/2 barrel per day
- legal distribution in Seattle, WA
- combined show fee of $1000 per day per collab
- two people to pour each day (roaster or brewer)
- brewer supplies a clean jockey box, CO2/Nitrogen
- SCAA provides table, ice, signage, cups + cleaning supplies
- service hours include all show hours
- additional sponsor opportunities available