Good Beer Hunting

The common refrain that “beer people are good people” will always contain some dissonance as thousands more people enter the industry. Issues will continue to emerge that challenge the notion that there’s anything exceptional about the beer industry over any other sector. But it’s my experience that if we continue to recognize problems, discuss them openly and, more importantly, take action, then “beer people are good people” is a promise always in the act of being fulfilled, however imperfectly.

GBH has partnered with Chicago non-profit organization Healing to Action in order to draw attention to the growing risk of workplace gender-based violence in the brewing industry. We hope to shine a light on this issue as small brewers continue to evolve into manufacturing environments as well as hospitality companies with taprooms, restaurants, and outposts that expose their employees to new dangers.

Share your story! If you have a story to tell about your experience working in or around the beer industry, one that would help readers understand the need for inclusion and an open dialog about sexism, racism, homophobia, or otherness in the workplace in general, please get in touch. This section is intended to give voice to those that are too often silent.  All messages will be kept confidential with our editorial team.

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As an ongoing series, and an inclusion of voices throughout the industry, these are the stories that we're publishing in an effort to move the conversation forward.