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Into the Wild: Austin

Into the Wild: Austin

Welcome to the third episode of Into the Wild—part of our six-city tour across the U.S. this year with New Belgium Brewing. I’m Ashley Rodriguez, and together with Good Beer Hunting’s creative director Michael Kiser and studio designer Cooper Foszcz, I recently headed to Austin, Texas, for three days of great food, hot days, and unique events celebrating the specialness of wild and sour beers.

It was 100° Fahrenheit during the three days we were in Austin—and yet, everywhere we went, folks poured out onto patios, people ate and drank outside, and everyone was just as friendly as you’d imagine. 

We partnered with some of the best restaurants, bars, and folks that make the Austin food and beverage scene unique. On the one hand, Austin features bars, institutions with storied pasts, and streets lined with neon signs that are reminiscent of a past era. On the other, owing to its the growing population, the city is relatively accessible for those who want to push new ideas. This straddling of old and new—which Austin seems to do effortlessly—made it the perfect place to pour wild and sour beers from New Belgium. It was a celebration of craft and tradition, and an homage to creativity and new ideas. 

In the beginning of the show, you hear from New Belgium’s wood cellar director Lauren Limbach, who’s addressing attendees at a beer dinner. You also hear a little bit from the band Shotgun Friday, who played music and told wild stories—perhaps even wilder than the beers—throughout the event. Later, you’ll hear Lauren again. But let’s start with the very first event of the tour: a dinner called Sacred and Profane held at The Brewer’s Table, highlighting the power and possibility of fermentation. Come along as we walk you through our weekend of wild beers, sweltering days, and weird times.

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