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SL-012 Under the Influencers

SL-012 Under the Influencers

Craft beer has always had an uncomfortable relationship with marketing, Instagram and social media, and things like hype, status, and influencers. It’s also long had an issue with women. Not just sexuality, but of course, also that. Not just gender and inclusion, but also that. Not just diversity and equality, but also that. In the most general, broad sense, craft beer (and beer in general), both culturally and as an industry, has long been a walled garden for men in the U.S. And over the past couple weeks, we saw that play out in a pretty specific, explicit fashion.

Here’s how it went down. Listen in.

Links to the folks we spoke to:

Zach Johnston, Senior Writer-at-Large for Uproxx
Caitlin Johnson, beer blogger and content creator, @bigworldsmallgirl
Megan Stone, brewer for Duclaw Brewing Co., @isbeeracarb
Alyssa Thorpe, head brewer for Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery, @southernbeergirl