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EP-221 Adam Paysse of Floodland Brewing

EP-221 Adam Paysse of Floodland Brewing

It started when i went to the website. "FLOODLAND BREWING" it read in all caps at the top. "Floodland is a brewery in Seattle" below. A spot to enter your email. You want to know more? There’s a text file FAQ with some basic points of info. That’s it.

When I first came across the homepage—if you’d dare call it that—I had no idea what to expect. The business was started by Adam Paysse, one of the original partners of the city’s beloved Holy Mountain Brewing. He had decided to go on his own with this venture, taking over a modestly-sized storage space in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood and filling it with barrels, focusing on a collection of barrel-fermented and mixed-culture beers. He released his first beers in 2018 to wild fanfare, and it really hasn’t stopped.

What interested me in seeking out and chatting with Adam pretty much went right back to that website. He has a deep appreciation for his craft, and like the barebones appearance of his digital presence, is straight-forward in what motivates and excites him. He talks up his friends and partners, local farmers, and fellow brewers who inspire him. He worries about social media and line culture. He is wonderfully committed to the people he cares about and what he does for a living. He’s a fascinating guy, and one who doesn’t really talk publicly too much.

It made for an incredible, wide-ranging conversation when we met in Seattle this spring. Spending an afternoon with Adam quickly introduced me to a personality I’m thankful to know, and happy to follow. In the Pacific Northwest, he’s got lots of fans, and if you haven’t heard of him yet, I hope this introduction puts him on your radar, too.

This is Adam Paysse of Floodland Brewing. Listen in.