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FFT-009 The Wild Side of the Apple

FFT-009 The Wild Side of the Apple

At this year's Foeder for Thought, the festival of wild and sour beers hosted by Green Bench Brewing Co. in St. Petersburg, Florida, the GBH team co-hosted panels and discussions that help us all dig in to the future of this loosely-defined, but highly-sought-after category of beers. 

Watch the video series here

This podcast series includes:

FFT-007: Thinking Inside of the Package, featuring:
Andrew Emerton, New Belgium Brewing
Patrick Woodson, Brewery Bhavana

FFT-008: Interview/Audience Q&A
Mitch Ermatinger, Speciation Artisan Ales

FFT-009: The Wild Side of the Apple, featuring:
Ryan Burk, Angry Orchard
Brian Wing, Green Bench Mead & Cider

FFT-010: Interview/Audience Q&A
Tim Clifford, Sainte Adairius

FFT-011: Climate Spontaneity, featuring:
Harrison McCabe, Beachwood Blendery
Jeffery Stuffings, Jester King Brewery
Levi Funk, Funk Factory Geuzeria

FFT-012: Interview/Audience Q&A
Walt Dickinson, Wicked Weed Brewing