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EP-216 Ian Roberts and Kevin Watson of Future Primitive Brewing

EP-216 Ian Roberts and Kevin Watson of Future Primitive Brewing

Today I’m going to introduce you to a brewery that basically just getting off the ground—it’s still in its infancy. But the folks behind it, with experience across a variety of well-known breweries, and a killer bar, and the bones of the building having seen a couple breweries itself, well, it’s more of a collection of old-but-still-passionate souls.

This is Future Primitive Brewing in Seattle.

When I visited they were just a couple weeks old and hadn’t really dug in yet. But they were close. And over the course of our conversation, talking about Ian Roberts’ experience owning and running one of Seattle’s best beer bars, Pine Box, and Kevin Watson’s experiences at breweries like Elysian and Allagash, it was clear to me that both of these guys had been focused, for a long time, on learning everything they could before they took the leap themselves.

And not to distract from the great personal stories here and the exciting things coming up for Future Primitive, but this episode includes themes candid and thoughtful. Not to mention some of the most insightful discussion I’ve ever had with a brewer who’s worked at a brewery before and after an AB InBev acquisition. While it may not surprise you to hear some of these things, the clarity and balance with which he presents his experience is entirely uncommon—at least in the public discussion of such things. I was thoroughly impressed and I think you will be also.

This is Ian Roberts and Kevin Watson of Future Primitive. Listen in.