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CL-023 Gray Chapman doesn't care who has the dankest IPA

CL-023 Gray Chapman doesn't care who has the dankest IPA

For generations, a lot about the story of beer has been filtered through advertising or experiences geared toward men. This is rapidly changing, and for the better.

In today’s GBH Collective, we’re talking with Gray Chapman about some of the ways beer lovers are finding new connections in settings that can enhance the camaraderie of something as simple as sharing a collection of beer. Gray recently published a piece for GBH in which she tells the story of a female-only bottle share and why its members find that setting to be welcoming, exciting, and comforting in different ways than similar, mixed-gender events.

This conversation is part of our special series of interviews to dive deeper with Good Beer Hunting contributors and friends on topics of writing, beer and the stories you read and hear from GBH. With Gray, it’s a great reason to get some background on how she experienced this event—her first time participating in a bottle-share—and what she learned from the women surrounding her. Her story and this conversation make it clear that one way to approach such an event isn’t bad and another good, but rather they can complement each other in ways that build a love and appreciation for beer differently.

This is Good Beer Hunting contributor Gray Chapman. Listen in.