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Uppers & Downers Hangover Party

Uppers & Downers Hangover Party

Today’s episode is our annual Hangover Party podcast, and event we host in the wake of Upper & Downers, our coffee, beer, culinary, and cocktail festival.

People come from all over the country to attend this insane mashup of cultures we put together with our friend and Uppers & Downers co-founder Stephen Morrissey, who’s a world barista champion and works at the Specialty Coffee Association. And this hangover party, which we stupidly throw the morning after the big event, has become a bit like a brunch after a wedding, where we get to sit down with the out-of-towners and drink even more coffee and beer over breakfast. We set up the mics and ask our bleary-eyed collaborators to join us and talk about all the best parts of their week.

This time we hosted the party at Cruz Blanca, our case study partner alongside Sparrow Coffee, which was one of the best things we’ve ever had at the festival. And if you didn’t attend, well, I’m sorry about how amazing everything you’re about to hear sounds.

This is the Uppers & Downers Hangover Party episode. Listen in.