Good Beer Hunting

Strong Feelings

Strong Feelings

This week’s episode is a unique one for us. It brings together a bunch of voices who were in Nashville for the 2018 Craft Brewers Conference. In order to capture the feelings of that particular moment in the beer industry, we invited people into a private room at the Flying Saucer, set them up with one of our hosts (myself, Bryan Roth, and Matthew Curtis), and conducted a sort of beer version of speed dating. Each guest flipped over a card to see the topic, and then they talked to us about what was on their mind.

Some cards were drawn often and some seldom, so it’s a little uneven. But in the end, we liked that so many people took part and so many perspectives were shared on topics for which those who work in, around, or just enjoy beer tend to develop very strong feelings.

Thanks to Flying Saucer for generously providing both their space and their hospitality during an insanely busy week. We couldn’t have done this without them. And special thanks to the Flying Saucer’s Andrews Cope for being our point of contact, collaborator, and co-host for all that.

We’re going to kick things off by getting to know Andrews a little bit, and talking about why the Flying Saucer was psyched to work with us to do this thing—of which I hope there are many more.