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EP-149 Erik Lars Myers of Mystery Brewing

EP-149 Erik Lars Myers of Mystery Brewing

The Brewers Association loves to tout the ever-growing number of small and independent breweries that are popping up across the country. It’s gotten to the point where there’s really no type of geographical area that’s without some "hometown" beer.

In North Carolina, the number of breweries has ballooned in recent years, with businesses finding homes all over. While you might have heard of places like Asheville, Charlotte, Raleigh, or Durham, the town of Hillsborough is less commonly known. But it’s this location—population: about 7,000—where we’ll visit today for the chance to hear from Erik Lars Myers, the founder and CEO of Mystery Brewing.

In July 2010, Erik’s brewery was the first in the U.S. to successfully crowdfund a portion of its startup costs, something that seems near-ubiquitous in today’s marketplace. Since then, his business plan and Mystery Brewing have evolved rapidly. In our conversation, which is far ranging and really in-depth, you’ll hear me refer to him as something of a futurist. A lot of what Erik decided just as the American craft beer industry was really starting to take off was adventurous at the time. But now a lot of it is simply stuff people do: heavily rotating brands, focusing on bringing people to a taproom, wearing your heart on your sleeve.

This is a long conversation. But so much of what we discuss is really topical to drinkers and business owners alike. Erik’s honesty and love for beer and its industry made for one of those interviews that you just ride out. There are tips and insights that highlight how Erik and his team are doing something special, and I hope his story and point of view expresses something new and interesting to you, too.