Good Beer Hunting

EP-146 Jeff Alworth and Jason Notte

EP-146 Jeff Alworth and Jason Notte

As someone who thinks way too much about beer way too often, I’ll always consider myself lucky for the sheer fact I get to spend some of my time talking about this beverage we love so much. There have been lots of great conversations about beer shared with friends and people in the industry, with some of my favorites simply nerding out with fellow writers I meet during my travels.

This fall, I made my first trip to Portland, Oregon, where I had the chance to have one of those kinds of talks with two of my favorite writers covering beer, Jeff Alworth and Jason Notte. The pair represent two brilliant sides of reporting on the same topic. Jeff has long been one of my go-to sources for cultural and historical insight and commentary, while Jason’s acumen on the business side of things makes him stand out.

We met at Portland’s Wayfinder Beer and grabbed a table outside where our conversation meandered in many of the same ways it would have without microphones in front of us. We talked about our process, the latest news about the likes of Sam Adams and trends we’ve been following.

This was at the beginning of October, right before the Great American Beer Festival, when the Brewers Association was set to celebrate their new seal of independence—an ideal time for Jason, Jeff, and I to share our own takes on what such a thing means and why it’s important…or not important.

Whenever I sit down to record a GBH Podcast, I like to preface it as a conversation, not necessarily an interview. This talk with Jeff and Jason felt very much like that.