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Episode 30 — Part 1 of the Fest by Shelton Brothers

Episode 30 — Part 1 of the Fest by Shelton Brothers

Chris Quinn of the Beer Temple and I travel to LA for the Festival by Shelton Brothers, the famous importers of beers like Cantillon.  

We both had a lot of questions about how the importing businesses really works, and how it’s going to work in the future now that those same people are starting to export American craft back across the ocean. 

We knew we’d be surrounded by a group of brewers who are so rarely assembled in the same room. It was a perfect chance to sit down with some of these icons, and gain a perspective on what it means to be there, in that room, with these people.

In part 1, we talk Ron Extract and Jeff Stuffings of Jester King, Jonathan Marshall and Robert Merryman of Shelton Brothers, and Ron Jeffries of Jolly Pumpkin.