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Central State Brewing announces expanded distribution into Chicago

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Indianapolis-based Central State Brewing Company and its three gloriously bearded founders are excited to announce expanded distribution into the Chicago, Illinois area with the help of Heartland Beverage, LLC, effective November 12, 2015. Chicago joins Indiana and Kentucky on Central State’s distribution map.

“We’re otterly excited to have a stronger presence in Chicago. We have received incredible support from our friends that live, drink, own bars, and brew amazing beer in Chicago during the past five months of limited distribution. We can’t wait to party more frequently with you all,” said Josh Hambright, founding brewer.

Heartland Beverage will be the sole distributor representing Central State in Chicagoland, enabling Central State to target beer geek accounts they already call home, as well as more mainstream bars and restaurants who prefer familiar styles like golden ales, IPAs and stouts, but with a unique edge from their 100% Brettanomyces fermentation.

“Chicago beer consumers and retailers alike enjoy being challenged and want to see more innovation,” said Brian Kerby, founder of Heartland Beverage. “Central State Brewing will find an instant home at most of the top beer accounts in the Chicago area because they are exploring the mostly uncharted territory of Brettanomyces as a house yeast, and doing it very well.”

“Heartland Beverage has been an incredible partner for us in the last five months. Brian’s experience, hustle, and vision for where he wants to go fits really well with how we run our brewery,” added the background beard of Jake Koeneman. “I’m excited to see our beer sold at bars where I drank when I lived in Chicago and look forward to spending more time with new friends and annoying former roommates.”

Fellow owner Chris Bly added that he also really likes Chicago.

The official launch party will take place at Northdown Café and Taproom on November 12, 2015. Keep an eye on Central State’s social media for other launch events around the city and pictures of cute animals and John Laffler.

About Central State Brewing Co.
Founded in 2015 in Indianapolis, Central State Brewing Company focuses on 100% Brettanomyces fermentation. Central State Brewing Co. is part of a renaissance of craft-minded producers helping revitalize small and mid-size cities across the Midwest, sharing their inventiveness with small pockets of like-minded drinkers across the country who are looking for unique flavors and textures in their beer. 

For More Information:
Jacob Koeneman
Co-Founder, Central State Brewing Co.
(317) 414-9539

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