Good Beer Hunting

Sept 7-8, 2018 — Beavertown Extravaganza 2018 (London)


The Dates:    
Friday 7th September – 4pm – 10pm
Saturday 8th September – 1pm – 7pm  

The Location:     
Printworks London
Surrey Quays Rd, London SE16 7PJ   Closest Station: Canada Water (Overground & Jubilee Line)  

The Tickets  
£45 per session, including all of your beer, a free glass and unlimited access to the Good Beer Hunting Extravaganza Symposium. 


Good Beer Hunting is, once-again, thrilled to be partnering with Beavertown Brewery at their Extravaganza to bring you some compelling discussions and presentations about the state of craft beer in 2018. A wide range of topics and personalities will be available to discuss some of the more pressing, and exciting pursuits in beer. 

You can find the Good Beer Hunting Extravaganza Symposium in the Press Hall, to the rear of the venue. On each day of the Extravaganza the Symposium will open 45 minutes after the beer starts flowing in order to give you time to try a few beers before you get around to learning about them and the industry behind them. We’ve room for 200 folks in the Press Hall and will be operating a one in, one out door policy, so please make sure you arrive in plenty of time if you want to see a specific seminar. There'll also be plenty of time for some Q&A after each session, so come curious! 

// 4.45pm — Opening Statement & Keynote
Michael Kiser, Founder and Director of Good Beer Hunting
The Future of the Relationship Between the UK and US Beer Industries 

// 5.30pm — The Shit Post —  How Social Media Managers are Coping with the Hardest Job at a Brewery
Host: Chris Hall
Panelists: Kamilla Hannibal (Beavertown), Richard Burhouse (Magic Rock), Henok Fentie (Omnipollo)

Your local pub or bar has always been the best place to chew through some of life’s most challenging topics, but what happens when that bar never closes? Social Media has been an essential driving force in the growth of the modern beer sector, but how do we work to ensure that the conversations here are open, intellectual and valuable? And how do we actively avoid encouraging negative discourse so as to ensure everyone is welcome within the online space?

// 6.30pm — A Change Can Do You Good — Keeping a Brand Fresh in a Dynamic Market
Host: Michael Kiser
Guest Speakers: Nanna Guldbæk (Lervig), Nick Dwyer (Beavertown), Shaun O'Sullivan (21st Amendment)

It still feels almost as though modern beer has only just arrived in the UK. The last decade has been a whirlwind, with once traditional and iconic beer brands being met by those with modern, vibrant and striking designs. Brewers really are putting the can in canvas. But how do you maintain a modern image in such a dynamic market, and why rebrand when drinkers have already put their stock in your existing brand?

// 7.30pm — A is for Action — How the Inclusivity Debate Becomes a Movement
Host: Matthew Curtis
Panelists: Lily Waite (We Are Beer/GBH), Alexandra Sewell (The Black Malt Bottle Share), Melissa Cole (Beer Writer & Journalist) 

The topics of inclusivity and diversity have, rightly, dominated the beer discourse this year. It’s a crucial talking point, but how do we take these conversations and ensure they in turn become action? And how do we ensure that when we talk about diversity, we mean everyone, from women, to PoC, to the LGBT+ community and the less able. In this panel GBH speaks to people who are doing exactly that. 

// 8.30pm — Quality Fermentation — Exploring Beer’s Place in the Realm of Wine & Cider
Host: Michael Kiser
Panelists: Lauren Limbach (New Belgium), James Rylance (Harbour), Jos Ruffell (Garage Project)

At last years Symposium we discussed both sour beer as its own genre, and where terroir fits in within the world of beer. To take that discussion to its next logical step we need to examine sour, wild, mixed, spontaneously fermented or whatever-you-want-to-call-it beer, and its place alongside wine and cider. How do beverages at the pinnacle of modern fermentation stand together—and yet find ways of differentiating themselves from one another?

// 1.45pm — The GBH Collective — How to Advance the Narrative Within Beer Writing
Michael Kiser, Matthew Curtis, Claire Bullen & Jonny Garrett (Good Beer Hunting)

// 2.30pm — Go Your Own Way — The Value of Independence Vs Investment
Host: Michael Kiser
Panelists: Logan Plant (Beavertown), Giovanni Campari (Birrificio del Ducato), Justin Hutton (Two Tribes)

It’s been a turbulent month for the UK scene, as expanding breweries look for investment so as to further not only their own growth—but that of the industry itself. There are plenty of options available for breweries too, be that borrowing from banks, crowdfunding, private equity or taking investment from within the beer industry itself. The amount of investment coming into the craft beer market will only increase. In a market that values “independence” as a selling point, how do we balance this against that rising tide of investment?

// 3.30pm — Food for Thought — Where Does Beer & Restaurant Culture Intersect?
Host: Claire Bullen
Panelists: Jonny Hamilton (Beavertown), Travis Hixon (Blackberry Farm), Dan Nathan (Beef & Brew)

Why have restaurants been so slow to recognize modern beer’s place at the table, and why do their beer menus lag so far behind wine menus? Who are the folks that are doing interesting things with beer in a hospitality context and how are breweries working alongside restaurants—from house beers to education/staff training and beyond? And what will restaurants beer offerings look like in five years' time?

// 4.30pm — Let’s Stick Together — The Value of Collaboration and Fostering Positive Relationships in Beer’s Modern Era
Host: Matthew Curtis
Guest Speakers: Dave Stone (Wylam), Steve Grae (Affinity), Menno Olivier (De Molen)

What role do collaboration beers play in the modern beer market, and how does that differ—if at all—from what they meant before? We’ve come a long way since Brooklyn first collaborated with Schneider Weisse, which was the start of one of craft brewing biggest trends. But what are breweries now trying to accomplish through collaboration, how has that changed over time, and when does competition start to disrupt the convivial world of the collab?

// 5.30pm — I Can See Clearly Now — Chasing Beer Trends as a Means to an End
Host: Jonny Garrett
Panelists: Andy Parker (Elusive), Matt Brynildson (Firestone Walker), Alexandra Nowell (Three Weavers)

At last years Extravaganza brewers clashed during the discussion of where the Hazy IPA fits within modern beer culture. In the year that’s passed, the style has gradually become a popular, almost common fixture within craft beer—even one of the panelists who denounced the style last year has been turned on to its charms. In addition to this, new IPA styles—such as Brut IPA—are beginning to turn heads. Should brewers continue to chase new trends in an effort to maintain relevance in the market? Or should they be seeking balance, and stability, as competition and other market pressures continue to increase apace. 

Please note: Extravaganza Symposium schedule may be subject to change from the listed schedule.