Good Beer Hunting

April 21-23 — Uppers & Downers at The Global Coffee Expo

Uppers & Downers was created by Good Beer Hunting and Stephen Morrissey. It's a concept that aims to explore the creative and technical crossover between specialty coffee and craft beer. As an educational event series, one that includes an annual festival, we’ve been able to inspire loads of collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing in the realm of coffee, beers, and coffee beers. Also, it's just a great party.

As the series has grown, it’s become even more inclusive to roasters, brewers, cider makers, baristas, bartenders, chefs, distillers, and more.

In our second year joining the Global Coffee Expo, we’re excited to bring you some of the most interesting Uppers & Downers expressions to date. Join us for a conversation over some delicious beverages and learn about where we’re going next.