Good Beer Hunting

Jan 25th — Uppers & Downers — A Festival of Coffee Beers

For over a year, Intelligentsia Coffee + Good Beer Hunting have been working with some of the most creative brewers and roasters in the country to create and showcase innovative coffee beers. Through a series of educational and competitive events, the series has inspired some amazing creations, such as a coffee saison, coffee quad, and even a cascara cider among many others. 

This event brings many of those concoctions together for the first time, as well as some of the best coffee beers on the market, a multi-roaster coffee bar, cocktails, home-brew competition winners, small bites from Dusek’s, and new-to-the-world beers from a special series of one-off experiments with Goose Island and Solemn Oath breweries. 

We've invented three categories for these coffee beers:

1. Roasty Toasty — all those dark porters and stats that we know and love. Chocolatey dream-boats. 

2. Light Bright — golden, pales, IPAs and more that play with the unique balance of citrus notes, dark fruits, hop bitterness and aromas. Truly unique concessions. 

3. Culture Clash — anything goes in this category that smashes flavors together in unprecedented ways. Ciders, saisons, funky and sour. You're not ready. 

Each ticket offers up to 15 tastings. Passed small bites included. 

Many of the beers served at Uppers & Downers do not exist outside the event. Our brewing friends are pushing the boundaries of their own experience, and collaborating with roasters to invent something entirely new, just for you. 


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Participating Breweries
Off Color Brewing
Penrose Brewing
Solemn Oath Brewing
Goose Island Beer Co. 
5 Rabbit Cerveceria
Firestone Walker
Perennial Artisan Ales

4 Hands Brewing Co.
Forbidden Root
Metropolitan Brewing Co. 
Spiteful Brewing Co.
Virtue Cider Co.
Half Acre
Local Option 



Participating Roasters
Intelligentsia (co-host)
Mad Cap 
Dark Matter
Counter Culture