Good Beer Hunting

The Making of a #MI Beer Film — Talking Beards

This month I had the pleasure of hanging out with Kevin Romeo and Jonny Jermyn of Kalamazoo-based Rhino Media Productions at Greenbush Brewing Co. These are talented guys typically in the service of music and promotional videos, but the the #MI Beer Film project they’re doing on the side is all about their passion for the region, and the incredible economic and social impact of the growing craft beer industry. You should follow their progress here: #MI Beer Film.

We spent a few minutes chatting on camera about the industry we love so much, and how it’s helping define our region of the Midwest. As a Chicagoan, and part-time Michigander with family in Grand Rapids, I couldn’t be more excited to see where these guys take the project. I brought along a couple friends for the day, Max Wastler of and Edwin Lee, the designer behind the upcoming Good Beer hunting magazine. Together, it was a good day of reflection on the scene we all love and contribute to. 

Oh, I also dropped off a framed print of the Greenbush brewery that now hangs in the merchandise display of the taproom. If you want to get a hands-on look, go check it out! Just place orders through the online store as usual. 

Michael Kiser