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Solemn Oath's Taproom — A New Destination for Chicagoland Beer Geeks

It was just a couple of weeks ago that I was lucky enough to document Solemn Oath’s first weekend of brewing. And just a short time later, it was time to return to see their first day serving the public — in one of the most beautiful taprooms in the country. With an 11am Saturday opening — this is how day drinking gets done. 

On hand was Greta de Parry, a furniture maker and designer, who lent her many talents to the interior design of the tap room, including the bar itself, the concrete and metal stools and a variety of smaller elements, like the taster trays and shelving. 

Due to the demands of Chicago Craft Beer Week, the crew split the workload between the bar and the brewhouse, only steps away from the action, with family and friends looking on with pride.

The pours were hefty and the tastings inspired a lot of debate over favorites. Khloros is a Belgian white with plenty of orange and lemon peel for some summery zing. Oubliette is a Belgian pale ale with a sharp nose and a dry finish. And then there’s Ultrahighfrequency, a big American Red with some pleasant caramel sweetness. Personally, I love the refreshing quality of Khloros when I came in out of the sun, and Oubliette is what kept me thirsty for the long haul. This is a great mix to go to market with.

In addition to their showing at Beer Under Glass, Solem Oath has two events coming up for Chicago Craft Beer week where you’re sure to get a taste of these fine beers, still in their infancy. There’s a launch event at Bar Deville on Thursday night and a launch at Standard Market in Westmont, Ill that myself and Paul from will be co-hosting called Unwritten. I’ll be selling large photo prints from the Solemn Oath brewery, postcards and Mash Tun, a new craft beer journal in Chicago. 

Michael Kiser