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Siciliano's Market in Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids, MI has no shortage of great craft brews available. From Founders to Bells, Dark Horse to New Holland — you can find almost anything here. But you have to really dig to find the good stuff sometimes. Enter Siciliano’s Market

My soon-to-be brother-in-law lives in GR, and has recently taken the oh-so-memorable leap into craft brew with Founder’s Centennial IPA. And it’s made him eager to see what else craft brews have to offer a guy that likes a high-quality, straightforward American-style ale. Somewhere along his journey, he found his way to Siciliano’s Market just off I-196 in a forgettable little strip mall-like building. But what passes for a convenience store on the outside turns in to a somewhat hippie-slash-homebrewer-slash-canner-slash-coffee/tea/cigar cornucopia of uppers and downers in one packed little mart. 

Never have I seen so many local, obscure micros lined up against names like Avery and Russian River. And the map says it all. The hyper-local shelf in the back is a who’s-who of Michigan craft brews, as well as some start-ups that you might never have heard of, and might never again. Some of these are sure to be one-hit-wonders, while others already have some muscle, like Brewery Vivant, newly distributed in cans from the brewpub in East GR.  

I’ve been to Siciliano’s twice now, and both times managed to unwittingly hit the “case discount” with my random picks. Here’s this week’s haul:

Already dug into —

On deck —

One could get lost in a place like Siciliano’s, or at least stuck in the beer cave. I spent the better part of the afternoon pulling new beers of the shelf, smelling the different coffee roasts, teas and small vices like cigars and such. This place has a gravity once you know it’s there. My future GR > CHI drives will need at least another hour lead-time.


Michael Kiser