Good Beer Hunting


Pete Crowley and Scott Sullivan Cross a Monkey with a Chicken

Chicago’s upstart brewer, Pete Crowley of Haymarket played host to one of the city’s extended family members, Scott Sullivan of Greenbush Brewery in southwest Michigan for a Craft Beer Week tap takeover in the West Loop Friday night. 

Sullivan hauled about a half-dozen beers into town, including staples like Dunegras, Closure and 1825, as well as more recent heavy hitters like Brother Benjamin, an imperial IPA and the Barrel Aged Cabra Perdida, an imperial stout with blueberries thats equal parts fruity and smooth. 

But the real reason for the occasion is the collaboration between Crowley and Sullivan. Each made a wheat IPA with loads of citra hops as the base recipe. Sullivan ventured out with an American yeast and fresh mangos to deliver Sock Chicken, a super dry, mildly citrus hop bomb that left your palate yearning for more refreshment, while Crowley’s Rubber Monkey went the way of a Belgian and a more luscious viscosity that coated your tongue in citrusy sweetness and a mild hop kick. 

Scott and the Greenbush crew have quite a week ahead of themselves in Chicago. See their calendar full of tappings and dinners here, including what will surely be one of the best events of this year — a beer dinner with Cleetus Friedman of City Provisions on Wednesday, May 23rd.

Haymarket continues to be a major destination this week, including a Sun King tap takeover on Thursday night and the Brewer’s Brunch this Saturday, May 26th. More info on their events page. 

Michael Kiser