Good Beer Hunting


Mugging for the Camera

It’s Labor Day weekend (aka my birthday weekend) and I’m on the road to Michigan to apply for my wedding license in Muskegon. We were cutting it close on the clock, but we decided to stop off in Sawyer to visit my new personal mug (#80 on the rail) at Greenbush for the first time. This is how you start an early weekend. 

I filled #80 up with Bantam, a Belgian pale ale with a bright yellow-orange color and citrus notes — almost like a paler version of the Sunspot. After than, I got a couple of small pours of the lab beers, including Strong Sad, a Belgian strong ale and Electric Panda, a cream stout with some incredible, bright roasted flavor.

Meanwhile, a new hand, Joe, was blending the fruit mix (golden and dark raisins, brown sugar and honey) for Retribution. The rich, plum-like smell filled the air.

I doubled down on Panda before hitting the road again — she drove — and we skated into the county clerk’s office with 3 minutes to spare. Mission accomplished. 

Michael Kiser