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Metropolitan's Generator Doppelbock and a Nod to Lady Gregory

What a revelation Generator has been this season. Working my way through a number of stouts and porters that typify the winter season, my night at Watershed Bar was coming to a close when I ordered “just one more.” Enter the MetropolitanGenerator Doppelbock

A big, effervescent winter brew at 8.2%, Generator is a ruby-colored, sweet seasonal with tacky caramel notes, and the slightest hints of nuts, dried fruits and toasted malts. On the pour, there’s a perfect sudsy head that never seems to dissipate and the lacing it leaves behind tells you how strong the body of this beer really is.

I picked up my most recent pour at Lady Gregory in Andersonville — a great Irish bar, more austere and old-world than a typical “Irish-themed” joint. The menu at lady Gregory is ideal for a quasi-vegetarian. We ordered various small plates of mashed potatoes, grilled cauliflower steak, Brussels sprouts and roasted beets. Together with the Generator, we ended up with an exotic blend of sweet and savory flavors akin to a European holiday dinner. 

Metropolitan currently serves up four standards, Krankshaft, Dynamo, Flywheel and Iron Works alongside their Urban Evolution Series. So what’s next for the limited edition Generator? Head brewer Doug Hurst says:

We were very happy with how this year’s version turned out. And pleasantly surprised by the warm reception it received across Chicagoland. We brewed one 30-bbl batch, all of which was filled into kegs making it only available on tap. We are currently scheming to bring it back again as next winter’s Urban Evolution series beer.

Is it wrong to hope winter comes early next year? 

Michael Kiser