Good Beer Hunting

Happy New Years — A reason to celebrate

photo: Steven Michael Photography

This has been an incredible year for Good Beer Hunting. From the beginning, I wanted this blog’s primary purpose to be about meeting new and interesting people along my craft beer journey. I’ve met homebrewers, brewmasters, restauranteurs, delivery drivers, investment bankers and other beer bloggers, but I’ve also met plenty of craft brew fans like myself that share a passion for unique finds and great places to drink them. Thanks to everyone who’s reached out and said hello, bought me a drink, or let me return the favor this year. I also got to share my passion for beer at my wedding in October when I married this lovely girl. In case you were wondering, it was all Greenbush all the time. 

I’m especially honored that Paul from named me local beer blogger of the year. His awareness of the craft brew movement is astounding — so to be named his number one is a more a challenge that a victory. Here’s looking at 2012.

On my way out for the year, I wanted to give a hi-lo brow shoutout to one of my annual favorites — Trader Joe’s Anniversary Ale 2011. Every year, Unibroue contracts for TJ’s private label and sells these beautiful bombers for around 5-6 bucks. It’s an incredible value and always a solid Belgian strong ale. A lot like Unibroue’s Tres Pistoles

This is the beer I’ll be pouring tonight (you can see I bought a case) and I plan to hold on to a few bottles for the next couple of years for comparison. I’ve had a few aged bottles that were superb — notably the 2007. 

So happy new year everyone, and good beer hunting in 2012!


Michael Kiser


Michael Kiser