Good Beer Hunting


167. Read. Look. Drink.

These are the words, images, and beers that inspired the GBH Collective this week. Drinking alone just got better, because now you're drinking with all of us.


READ. // "The last real pub in the south is surrounded by wankers / And they're coming in close with their cards out / So let’s link arms / Be prepared to go down with your ship, your ship's sunk." Since Kate Tempest's latest album dropped last month, I've listened to it—and read the lyrics—almost daily. I still get chills.

LOOK. // It's rare that I want to eat a painting. So lifelike are Comhghall Casey's minimal still lifes—like this perfect loaf of bread—that I want to dive in, slice it, toast it, and load it up with eggs.

DRINK. // Yeastie Boys’ Gunnamatta
My dear friend Charlie “Charlie from Yeastie Boys” Docherty, from, well, Yeastie Boys, swung by for a housewarming barbecue I hosted recently. He brought along a couple six-packs of Gunnamatta, Yeastie Boys' Earl Grey IPA. It paired perfectly with grilled mackerel and fresh salad, and the cans left in my fridge are the perfect tonic for summer heat.

READ. // "I’d like to think that at some level, these trips are shaping his identity. I want him to think of himself as someone who does stuff. I hope he sees himself as a part of a world that is bigger than his school or our town but small enough to be explored." Traveling with a small child these past two and a half years hasn't always been easy, but it's often been rewarding. This AFAR piece was encouraging in that regard.

LOOK. // Under a Rock with Tig Notaro is a curious, uncomfortable, extremely novel thing. Notaro is apparently pretty bad at identifying celebrities, and this goofy, Funny or Die short series puts her lack of ability to the test. It's delightful, if only to find out which of her guests has an ego.

DRINK. // Good Word Brewing & Public House's Die Todd Die
As Good Word makes a play for the “Best Brewpub in Georgia” title, this crispy boi of a Pilsner—5% ABV, crushable AF—will lead the way for summertime drinkers in The Peach State. Thankfully, the very first batch of cans just hit area bottle shops. Act fast, my friends.

READ. // Anyone who uses gifs and memes to more efficiently communicate should be able to grasp Nathan Jurgenson's argument that certain kinds of photography are "something less like documentation and more like talking." We seem to think that photography is either art or information. But the technology of photography has always troubled our minds toward this false choice. And Nathan's continuous investigation of the medium, and the myriad ways in which we are online, has been fundamental to my own understanding of what the hell we're doing with photos at any given time.

LOOK. // Stephanie Gonot's style blurs illustration and photography as she casts a magical light on pop culture, consumerism, and portraiture. Everything feels at once removed from the viewer but ridiculously charming. So I was delighted when her feed suddenly came to life with images of booze a couple weeks ago.

DRINK. // Gunwhale Ales’ Mission Statement Wild Farmhouse Ale
This funky little thing, aged in wine barrels on peaches with Brett, is a personal joy. I worked with the team from Gunwhale Ales in Costa Mesa, California a few years back, as they were first putting together their strategy and outlining their vision. To see so much of that original intent coming true, despite the many turns the beer industry has taken since then, feels like a hawk-eyed commitment. And the beer is goddamn delicious. How appropriate that it's called Mission Statement. Get one.

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