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159. Read. Look. Drink.

These are the words, images, and beers that inspired the GBH Collective this week. Drinking alone just got better, because now you're drinking with all of us.


READ. // “During the time of the Trump presidency and the #MeToo movement, the stakes do feel impossibly high. There is a real sense that writing about an alleged abuser like XXXTentacion can do nothing but contribute to a culture that refuses to listen to—let alone be spurred into action by—stories of sexual violence.” Should art critics take on the role of moral gatekeepers? It’s an added responsibility we consumers tend to foist upon them—is the burden too heavy?

LOOK. // It may be a remnant of my brief life in New York, but I still love reading about the whereabouts of Brandon Stanton, known more commonly as the human behind the Humans of New York. Recently, Stanton’s been in Paris, where he met a Moldovan woman who uses the Instagram handle @36minutes.

DRINK. // The Big Easy Lebowski
Every couple months or so, I get the itch for this boilermaker—made with Maui Brewing Co’s Coconut Hiwa Porter with vodka and St. George Spirits’ NOLA Coffee Liqueur—at Old Devil Moon in San Francisco. It’s a dark, roasty, and barely sweet twist on the creamy NOLA coffee (with an inconspicuous vodka punch), and it always checks my nightcap boxes.

READ. // “For the first time ever, I woke up and didn't want to go to work." For the longest time, Fäviken has been a bucket-list restaurant for me, but my hopes of dining there were recently dashed when Magnus Nilsson revealed he'll be closing his renowned restaurant at the end of 2019.

LOOK. // Ben Simon Rehn tested a new Olympus camera in Madagascar and came back with some pretty stunning captures of the local wildlife.

DRINK. // Threes Brewing’s Yclept
As the summer months approach, the days—and nights—get longer and warmer. Pilsner season is upon us. But what if we could enjoy one with just a smidge more hop punch? Well, that beer is called Yclept. This should be a staple, buried deep beneath the ice cubes, in every summer cooler.

READ. // As someone who has lived in both worlds, I see a strong connection between academia and brewing. In this story about the late Thea Hunter, a brilliant academic relegated to chasing adjunct professor gigs, we see the toll an industry can take on people who are driven to keep reaching for a goal that remains just out of reach.

LOOK. // I love me some #FoodContent, and the Weird Fruit Explorer's YouTube channel really sucked me in. Some favorites include "weird grapes," loquat booze, or these Texas persimmons from the Rio Grande valley.

DRINK. // Saison Dupont
Sitting on steps that lead to nowhere, Brandon Jones of Yazoo Brewing Company pulls another case from the cooler at Funk Fest. Instinctively, the attendees crowd around to see which rare beer he's pouring next. Out of the box comes a 750 of Saison Dupont, the crisp, classic AF Saison that all your homebrewing friends have attempted to recreate. It’s a welcome reprieve from the high-acidity beers I've sipped all day. I fill my glass, swig it down, and go back for more.

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