Good Beer Hunting


117. Read. Look. Drink.

These are the words, images, and beers that inspired the GBH collective this week. Drinking alone just got better, because now you're drinking with all of us.


READ. // “This is the story of how moviegoers were transported to a world of endless riffing, best friends, junk food, sleepwalking, porno mags, bullies, bunk beds, and uncontrollable laughter.” This oral history of basically every principal actor and major crew member involved with the 2008 comedy “Step-Brothers” makes it sound like producing the movie was an even funnier experience than the finished product.

LOOK. // In late June, National Geographic selected its winners for their annual photographer of the year contest and as usual, they’re devastatingly beautiful. Click for the wanderlust, stay for the calming revelations that you’ll never try to photograph a bask of a dozen crocodiles or the tail of a humpback whale from a few feet away.

DRINK. // New Glory - DDH GreenEnergy Imperial IPA
A new beer bar, called Fool’s Errand, just opened a short, walkable distance from my house in San Francisco and they’ve lured me here with New Glory. The Sacramento brewery’s double IPA is pretty close to my ideal hazy: not excessively floccy yet soft, and not a juice bomb, but with subtle, slightly sweet stone fruit notes.

READ. // "Not only is it onomatopoeically unpleasant, the very nature of a fad is ridiculous because it implies an end. There should be no end to a love of whatever is delicious." This interview with Fergus Henderson—founder of the Michelin Starred St. John restaurant in London—is, minimal in presentation, but every morsel is delicious—much like his food.

LOOK. // I recently bought this Tarot Deck, called "The Pagan Otherworlds Tarot" from designers and artists Linnea Gits and Peter Dunham, for my partner, Dianne. I've been captivated by its somewhat dark, yet endlessly intriguing artwork ever since it arrived.

DRINK. // Oliver's Cider The Mayflower 
I enjoyed lots of nice beer this weekend. But none of it was as good as The Mayflower, a 2015 season cider from mastermind Tom Oliver, which combines totally wild fermented ciders aged in former Rum, Red Wine and Whisky barrels, before being intensified and sweetened with ice cider. For something so complex, its flavours were remarkably well integrated and balanced. Well, it is an Oliver's, after all.

READ. // "In this book, instead of focusing on a particular time and place, I’ve panned back to address a much more layered subject: bartending itself." Not just a recipe book, Meehan's Bartender's Manual is a fully encompassing approach to hosting the bar and being the bartender. Recipes, bar design, technique, history... it's a book for any spirits enthusiast, or person that just likes composing flavor. After a read, it's certainly stepped up my happy hour game.

LOOK. // Jane Brown is responsible for a pretty incredible catalog of photographic work. Cartier-Bresson is a legend for the photography community and one of the early masters—the reference to his work next to Brown's is no accident. Brown has a striking eye and ability to be in the moment when it counts.

DRINK. // St.Reginald Parish The Marigny Carbonic Maceration Pinot Gris 2017 
"Glou Glou" - it's a relatively new phrase in the wine world representing a laid-back super drinkable wine literally meaning glug glug. I've also heard the term "barbecue wine." Barbecue wine strikes a vivd picture to me being from the south, and this is a barbecue wine. One that you crack open outside while grilling with a group a friends and drink with joy and ease. It's got a little carbonic spice, bright acid, and a beautiful blend of fruit and floral notes that makes it oh so drinkable when slightly chilled. Break out the porron and get your glou glou on!