Good Beer Hunting


108. Read. Look. Drink.

These are the words, images, and beers that inspired the GBH collective this week. Drinking alone just got better, because now you're drinking with all of us.


READ. // “Ford is definitely dead, but is there a robot Ford lurking about?” I typically laugh at and avoid conspiracy theories about historical events or fan theories for literature, film, and television, but Westworld is different. These Esquire-compiled Reddit theories will have you arguing with friends all day.

LOOK. // The first record I remember dancing to was Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock. There was energy to his music I understood, but it wasn’t until years later I learned about his life and the music that influenced him, the experiences that shaped him, and the man that broke him. HBO’s new two-part documentary Elvis Presley: The Searcher will make you appreciate all that through interviews with legends like Sam Phillips, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Petty.

DRINK. // Blackberry Farm Brewery's Secrets & Lovers Farmhouse Lager
This bottle-conditioned collaboration with Burial Beer Co. across the Smoky Mountains has a slight bready sweetness matched with a classic spice and floral one-two punch. It’s the kind of beer that deserves an extravagant dinner, but you’re going to love it for your cookout this weekend, too. Live life, love Lager.

READ. // "It has been reported that a major merchant ship goes down somewhere in the world every two or three days; most are ships sailing under flags of convenience, with underpaid crews and poor safety records." This is the harrowing tale of El Faro, and the worst maritime disaster in recent U.S. history.

LOOK. // I really enjoyed the color palette and airy style to these shots by photographer Andrea Pugiotto

DRINK. // Bearded Iris Brewing's Homestyle IPA
This is the Music City's beer maker's house IPA. It's hazy, but not to the point of being opaque, with defined notes of mango and cantaloupe melon. I'm looking forward to enjoying the four pack I stashed in my suitcase coming back to the UK.

READ. // "Indeed, the straps and bracelets produced by Apple for the Watch are leagues ahead of what the Swiss were producing when they were introduced in 2014." Watch site and now-magazine Hodinkee scores an interview with illusive Apple designer Jony Ive, and it ends with a very cool treat at the end. Make sure you take your time (lol) and really read this interview. 

LOOK. // I'm a sucker for advertising that pokes fun at itself or its industry. These Burger King ads showing the backyards of McDonald's execs, pointing out they all have grills capable of producing flame-grilled burgers is pretty great. 

DRINK. // New Glarus Brewing's Cran-bic 2018 
I haven't had a ton of traditional Lambics, but New Glarus' Cranberry "Lambic" has the aroma, taste, and appearance of some of the best I've had. Tart balanced by sweet, the smell of barrel, and mouthwateringly juicy cranberry flavor make this one of the best beers I've had this year. 

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