Good Beer Hunting


107. Read. Look. Drink.

These are the words, images, and beers that inspired the GBH collective this week. Drinking alone just got better, because now you're drinking with all of us.


READ. // “Finishing rates varied significantly by gender. For men, the dropout rate was up almost 80 percent from 2017; for women, it was up only about 12 percent.” This article, penned a few days after this year's Boston marathon by an op-ed writer (and marathon runner), says a lot about the psychology of women, and the way they rely on camaraderie and improvisation to endure through suffering.

LOOK. // Few things make me as angry as seeing a music festival billing that's almost exclusively male. A data scientist named Diego Olano (working with writer Rob Mitchum) created this amazing interactive list of 19 festival billings. A few toggles demonstrates how unbalanced lineups still are.

DRINK. // Yeast of Eden's Stone Hearted
I cannot be trusted around a beer with stone fruit in it. Yeast of Eden, an Alvarado Street Brewery project, blended a Bretted Saison and a golden sour—both of which had been aged in oak foeders for a year—and then refermented it on local apricots for three months. Apricot flesh and soft blue cheese hit the nose first, but the taste is straight juicy stone fruit flesh.

READ. // "She saves the world, saves herself, saves her cat, and still finds the time to craft one last log entry to tell the world what has transpired and what’s she done to keep the monsters at bay." Started thinking about my favorite sci-fi movies, re-watched Alien, and immediately had to revisit this article on why Ellen Ripley was such an awesome hero.

LOOK. // The New York Times put together an interactive income mobility chart for different racial and gender backgrounds after a study which followed 20 million children in the United States and showed how their adult incomes varied by race and gender.

DRINK. // Middle Brow's Sells Out Den DDH IPA
It feels like a stretch to call this an IPA, but let's not get bogged down in formalities. What it is is delicious. Pours like an untamed wheat beer, looks like a bright Saison, prickles the mouth and tastes like a farmhouse ale. Let's blur the style guidelines more often, OK?

READ. // Why succeed when you can fail? In a recent Atlantic article, researcher Xiaodong Lin-Siegler of Columbia University’s Teachers College hopes that her recently released study will help students, teachers, and parents realize that "failure is a normal part of the process of learning."

LOOK. // Watch this Natalie Rae-directed music video, featuring model/writer Paloma Elsesser, for Fort Worth's own Leon Bridges' new track "Bad, Bad News." Be ready to thoughtfully jam.

DRINK. // Shacksbury Cider's The Basque
You may not be totally familiar with Basque Cider, and this American-made version which uses ~30 varieties of Spanish apples may not be available in your area at the moment. But should you stumble upon some, rouse that bottle, pull the cork, and put it back in halfway. (It has a special slit for long pours.) Then, unleash the zippy, naturally-carbonated beauty into a glass from about an arm's length away. What will greet your lips at the glass is a cornucopia of funk, tart apple, perfect bubbles, and a dry, leathery finish.

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